A Curse So Dark and Lonely

A Curse So Dark and Lonely

By Brigid Kemmerer

Prince Rhen is cursed to repeat the autumn of his 18th birthday until he can find a woman to fall in love with him even as he transforms each season into a monstrous beast. The season resets after every failure-all 327 of them. Harper, who has cerebral palsy, is shocked to learn that she is Rhen’s last chance to break the curse. But Harper isn’t sure if the fate of a kingdom can be enough to make her fall in love.

Blog Discussion:  How does the curse force Rhen to reevaluate his actions? Do you think he is actually changing as a person?

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4 thoughts on “A Curse So Dark and Lonely

  1. Rhen starts out as a bit conceited (as most royals in books tend to be) and as the seasons progress, he realizes that not every girl will want to throw themselves at him. That love really is a true thing and you can’t fake it. As the curse progresses, he starts to strategize and plan all the ways that he can make a girl fall in love with him and woo her instead of realizing that if he just acted like his normal self, he would have more opportunity to fall in love. From the start of the curse, he thought that he would be able to control what happened and how he fell in love. When Harper came into the picture, he immediately noticed a difference in her that he didn’t in other girls and I think it made him come to the realization that he really has no control over love and sometimes it happens in the most unexpected times and places. I think that Rhen slowly changes throughout the curse, but changes even more when he meets Harper.

  2. Ever since Lillith had told him that this was his last season, Rhen REALLY needed to rethink his actions towards Harper. He needed to take things slow, instead of his usual, “planning ahead” thing that he does. I do believe that he is changing as a person, mostly because of the last few lines of the book where Rhen had stopped holding Harper’s hand because he found out that it might not have been Harper who had broken the curse. This says a lot about how he’s grown through out the book because he knows that Harper doesn’t like it when he touches her.

  3. After the curse brings Harper into Rhen’s life, he begins to start reevaluating his actions because it was the final season and Harper was his last chance. She also wasn’t like previous girls — wanting to learn how to throw a knife and being bold enough to put herself in danger to help others. She wasn’t originally what Rhen wanted but still she made an impact on his life. She stands up to Lilith for Rhen even though it was a reckless, and she ended up getting a scar because of it. However, even though she is reckless and bold, She makes Rhen more aware of what’s going on in his kingdom and what’s happening to the people living in it. She brings out a different side of him that he didn’t show before because of the curse and his insecurities. Rhen grows as a character throughout the book, going from an arrogant and prideful character to someone who is patient and kind. So because of the curse, because Harper was brought to Emberfall, Rhen began changing as a person as a whole, and he began to care more about his kingdom and the people in it.

  4. We learn throughout the story that Rhen has had experiences with many girls and has had to get through many of these seasons, but by the final season, he does start to reevaluate his actions. It was his last chance to not fail, so he took this last season very seriously, and found that Harper needed to be required in a much different way than he was used to with previous girls. He also starts realizing that he needs to take more action as the standing ruler of Emberfall, and take care of and better protect his kingdom and its citizens. Therefore, I believe he is changing as a person, as he starts to take initiative and more adult-like due to the presence and influence of Harper.

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