This Mortal Coil

This Mortal Coil

By Emily Suvada

In Catarina’s world, changing your body is as simple as pressing a few buttons. Technology implants allow people to alter their DNA. Cat’s father, Dr. Lachlan, is a renown geneticist. When he is kidnapped by the shady organization Cartaxxus, Cat is left to fend for herself. Two years later, she is struggling to survive in a world where a disease with no cure has run rampant and her father has not returned

Blog Discussion: In This Mortal Coil doctors are forgetting traditional medicine, because everyone has built in tech that heals.   Do you think the plague would have been contained more easily if doctors weren’t relying on technology as much?

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4 thoughts on “This Mortal Coil

  1. Yes I believe the plague could have been contained more easily if the doctors didn’t rely on everybody’s else’s tech. The doctors could have created something that they could have injected into people instead of putting it on the tech, especially since everyone’s tech is different like Cat. It would make it easier to survive knowing you wouldn’t have to eat flesh of the infected just to survive. All in all though I believe this book was really good! 100/10 and will be getting the other books as well!

  2. Technology has always been something that can fail and that we can’t always rely on, therefore bringing me to believe that the plague’s contamination could have been much easier without the doctor’s reliance on technology too. Throughout the story we learn that everyone’s own tech can function differently and that certain things affect their tech differently too. So, if they could have found a different way to give out the vaccine and keep people safe from the Hydra, other than through all the technology so that everyone could receive safety and the vaccine in the same way, contaminating the plague could have been made easier. This was a very intriguing book for me, that I couldn’t seem to stop reading also!

  3. I believe that the technology installments did have its advantages as most technology does but it also has its limits. if they had relied on normal medicine like the type we use today then they wouldn’t have had to worry about someone hacking the vaccine. all in all, I thought the book was great I loved the plot and the unexpected twists and turns

  4. I believe that the plague would have been contained more easily if doctors weren’t relying on technology as much. Technology can always fail and cannot always be relied on. Cat had so many problems with her panel throughout the story from Marcus to Cole to Lachlan, manipulating the DNA and setting off small bombs.
    Instead of having technology taking over a person and creating other problems, doctors could have given an injection or a pill for immunity. One of the main problems that created chaos among people in this book was the use of technology in them.
    Overall, I really enjoyed this book and really enjoy the plot twists such as the truth about Catarina being Jun Bei.

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