When We Were Lost

When We Were Lost

By Kevin Wignall

Tom Calloway, a loner, is not thrilled that he has found himself on a class trip to Costa Rica. He knew he wasn’t going to enjoy the trip, but he never expected the plane to crash into the South American rain forest, killing all the chaperones and most of his classmates. Alone in the remote jungle with no help in sight, Tom and a rag-tag group of high school students must try to survive the dangers of the jungle and each other. Will any of them be able to make it out alive?

Blog Discussion: Being a leader is very different from wanting to be seen as a leader. How is Tom consistently a leader without owning the title? Why is it not important for Tom to be labeled the leader?

Don’t Forget: In the box for Name, type in your first name, last initial, English teacher’s name, period you have English, and your school (all in a row with no spaces or punctuation). It will look like this: HarryPDumbledore6Hogwarts

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