Where I End and You Begin

Where I End and You Begin

By Preston Norton

Blur the lines of gender in this tale of body swapping enemies. On the night of a solar eclipse, nervous guy Ezra and bad-ass Wynonna inexplicably swap bodies. But the odd pair are united over more than just sharing bodies; they are also in love with the other’s best friend. The two form a shaky truce with good intentions to help woo Holden and Imogen. Yet, since they can’t control when they switch bodies, plans often go awry in strange and comical ways, leaving all four characters in a series of awkward and hilarious situations.

Blog Discussion:  This novel deals with a lot of gender bending and awkward situations that are often hysterical.  How do you feel the characters accepted the situations they were placed in, was it realistic or overly funny to create comedy?

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