Crown of Coral and Pearl

Crown of Coral and Pearl by [Mara Rutherford]

Crown of Coral and Pearl

By Mara Rutherford

Beautiful twins Nor and Zadie spend their days diving in the waters of their ocean village Varenia for prized pink pearls. The rare pearls are harvested and sold to the kingdom Ilara for necessities like food and water. The daughters of Varenia are treasured for their beauty and, as generations have done, one is chosen to marry the Prince of Ilara. It is no surprise when the elders pick Zadie to marry Prince Ceren since Nor is scarred from a childhood accident. When Zadie is injured, Nor must secretly take her place, but she has no idea what corruption and danger lies ahead. As the magical tale unfolds, the twins must find a way to save their beloved people while also following their hearts.

Blog Discussion: Nor and Zadie’s mother has a unique view of raising daughters. How do you think she has influenced her daughters for the better and for the worse?

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