Heroine by [Mindy McGinnis]


By Mindy McGinnis

Mickey is a star athlete when her world is turned upside down after a car accident. Lingering pain make jumping back into the season hard, so she begins to rely more and more on the painkillers she was prescribed at the hospital. But the painkillers take a hold of her in a way she didn’t expect. When her prescription runs out, she continues to chase the feelings the pills gave her by whatever means necessary. As she falls into a world that she didn’t even know existed before with new friends and new experiences, she spirals out of control. Will she be able to pull herself back out of her path of self-destruction?

Blog Discussion: How do you feel the people in Mickey’s life could have helped her more? Discuss some key moments in the book when an adult or friend knew something was not right, but didn’t voice their concerns in a way that would be hard to ignore.

Don’t Forget: In the box for Name, type in your first name, last initial, English teacher’s name, period you have English, and your school (all in a row with no spaces or punctuation). It will look like this: HarryPDumbledore6Hogwarts

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