Killing November

Killing November by [Adriana Mather]

Killing November

By Adriana Mather

November awakens to find herself in a bizarre, secluded boarding school in the middle of nowhere. There is no electricity, no technology, no communication with the outside world. Classes consist of knife throwing, deception, and poisons. School rules include “eye for an eye” punishment. To make matters worse, a student has been murdered, and all fingers point to November. Now she has to discover the identity of the killer and clear her name while also trying to stay alive in a school filled with trained assassins and strategists. Trusting the wrong person can be a fatal error!

Blog Discussion: November’s parents kept her in the dark about her heritage, but that puts her in a very dangerous position at Academy Absconditi. Do you feel her parents were right or wrong in their decision to keep her isolated from their families?

Don’t Forget: In the box for Name, type in your first name, last initial, English teacher’s name, period you have English, and your school (all in a row with no spaces or punctuation). It will look like this: HarryPDumbledore6Hogwarts

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