Patron Saints of Nothing

Patron Saints of Nothing by [Randy Ribay]

Patron Saints of Nothing

By Randy Ribay

In this fast-paced page turner, life is pretty good for Jay. He is finishing his last semester of high school with plans to go to the University of Michigan. All that changes with a phone call when he learns his cousin, Jun, is dead, apparently murdered in the Philippine president’s war on drugs. Jay doesn’t see how this story meshes with what he knows about Jun, but he hasn’t been close to his cousin since Jay stopped writing to him years ago. Determined to find the truth, but also to deal with his guilt, Jay heads to the Philippines. Finding the truth proves more complicated than he anticipated, but the journey helps Jay to find his voice and strengthen connections to family there and back home.

Blog Discussion:  Throughout the book Jay feels he knows his cousin Jun based on his childhood memories and more recent letters. In the end Jun was not the person Jay remembered. What do you think was the biggest factor in Jun changing as he grew up?

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